Multiplier event in Italy

On February 8th 2023 the University of Florence, in collaboration with ISIS Leonardo da Vinci, organized the National Multiplier Event in Florence.
More than 200 middle and high-school teachers – of any discpiplines and special education teachers that deal in particular with marginalized students (students with disabilities or learning difficulties, as well as students with disadvantaged social background) – attended the conference, entitled “Mobile Makerspaces to promote Engagement, STEAM Education, Equity and Inclusion for all the learners”.

The event gave the opportunity to spread the word about the project in the community of teachers and about the possible educational prospects that can be achieved through the experimentation of creative solutions to concrete problems, leveraging the use of contemporary technologies and recycled materials. The Mobile Makerspaces were presented as a powerful tool able to promote disciplinary and life skills learnings, through the deconstruction and the exploration of complex problems in a playful and collaborative atmosphere.

Event agenda: click here

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