Cyprus Multiplier Event

On April 26th, 2023, CyRIC, in collaboration with HERON Mathisis and Kykkos B’ High School, organized the National Multiplier Event in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The purpose of this event was to spread the word about the STEAM2GO learning intervention and provide access to the developed tools and OERs. The event took the form of a mini conference. Participant students and teachers demonstrated their work, sharing their experience with the audience. Practical workshops undertaken (through the application of peer-learning techniques) so more students and teachers in Cyprus got to know the STEAM2GO mobile maker space, STEAM2GO digital platform and relevant OERs. School administrators and decision makers in the field of school education in Cyprus were also invited. Overall, more than 100 people attended the event.

CyRIC and STEAM2GO partners designed and equipped the STEAM2GO Mobile Maker Space and developed various exemplary projects that combine creatively artefact construction and entrepreneurial thinking. CyRIC with students from Kykkos B’ High School, re-designed the classic pinball machine, delivering fully functional mechanical and electronic pinballs – having a ton of fun and learning on the way! 

STEAM2GO project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union under grant number 2020-1-PL01-KA201-081698.

For more info visit www.cyric.eu and www.steam2go.eu 

Event agenda: click here


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