Multiplier event in Italy

University of Firenze in collaboration with ISIS Leonardo Da Vinci organise the STEAM2GO multiplier event “Mobile Makerspaces to Promote Engagement, STEAM Education, Equity and Inclusion for all the Learners” in Italy onFebruary 8, 2023. Event agenda: click here “

Multiplier event in Greece

Multiplier Event – the mobile maker space in Greek schools, 12-13 December 2022 Athens, Greece (by EDUMOTIVA)  The Greek multiplier event was held successfully in 2 schools of Athens 12-13 December 2022 including: The 1st EPAL Korydallos (public secondary school) on 12th December 2022. The 23rd Gymnasium of Athens (public secondary school) on 13th December…
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Students’ work

We very proudly present you the digitally-enhanced “Philies bar” created by the young makers of the 23rd gymnasium of Athens (in the context of the project “Edward Hopper painting recreated”). Crafting + circuitry + programming with micro.bit Stay tuned! Creative work is loading…

Greek multiplier event

Edumotiva- European Lab for Educational Technology organises the multiplier event: “STEAM2GO: Opportunities for making for all!” When: 12-13 December 2022 The event is organised in the context of the Erasmus+ project STEAM2GO and will take theform of an open workshop, held in Greek. Certificates of attendance will be provided. Invitation in Greek: Invitation available in…
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Towards replicating the mobile maker space model

First orders arrived…and we are excited! STEAM2GO enters a new phase!The replication of the STEAM2GO mobile makerspace model just started in Greece, Poland, Cyprus and Italy! Stay tuned…more updates to come!

C2 training is now over

Our training activity is now over! The steam2go team run five very interesting sessions: Presentation of the mobile maker makerspace model (by WUT) Introduction to micro:bit and warm up activities (by Edumotiva) Presentation of the learning scenario: Edward Hopper’s painting recreated (by Edumotiva) Guidelines for designing and presenting STEAM projects (by UniversityofFlorence) The traffic control…
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2nd training activity

The 2nd training activity (C2) for project staff and teachers starts on the 24th of February at 10.00 CET and lasts 2 days. In the context of the training the mobile maker space will be presented and guidelines for replication will be provided. Easy to start with tasks with Arduino will be demonstrated followed by…
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On February 16, 2022 STEAM2GO team meets online for the 2nd transnational project meeting. STEAM2GO team will review the progress that has been made, go through the learning scenarios that will be further developed, plan the 2nd teacher training activity, make plans for the forthcoming pilots and discuss possible challenges and risks.

STEAM2GO at Wi3DP Sarajevo workshop

EDUMOTIVA presented the STEAM2go project at the Wi3DP Sarajevo workshop that took place online on January 31, 2022. The online presentation revolved around maker movement in education and the concept underpinning the STEAM2GO project was presented and discussed. Find more about the workshop: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wi3dp-sarajevo-maker-movement-tickets-242624304827?keep_tld=1# (incl. agenda) Screenshot from the presentation:

Technical meeting

On February 2, 2022 the STEAM2GO team got together to review the progress that has been made with the development of the mobile maker space model and plan the upcoming training activity for teachers.