The STEAM2GO mobile maker space


Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) results in the development of the model for the mobile makerspace and the documentation of the technical solution. The documentation takes place in a way that can be easily replicated by teachers and other educational practitioners. The mobile makerspace takes the form of a portable set that can be easily transferred from one classroom to another and allows school groups to explore the fun of making. The STEAM2GO maker space stores all the essential maker materials in one place and makes it easier to share tools and materials throughout the school classes or different schools and educational organizations.

The mobile maker space is made from materials that are easily available, designed to be portable but stable so you can move it from place to place, modular so you can organize materials of different sizes and offers visibility to the different tools and materials so students can easily find what they need and get inspiration for alternative solutions in their projects. The mobile makerspace will provide access to:
-Crafting tools for supporting the construction of artefacts
-Electrical circuit making tools
-Blocks- based coding tools
-Connections with tools for sharing

The manual with all the necessary eqquipment : click here

Video demonstration: click here