The STEAM2GO platform


This output results in the creation of the STEAM2GO platform. The STEAM2GO platform will be an on-line platform easily accessible from almost everywhere and from any device (laptop, mobile, tablet). The STEAM2GO platform has three-fold scope:

  • to act as a repository of the STEAM2GO resources that will be freely available and accessible also in the STEAM2GO platform allowing also additional teachers and students beyond the consortium to embrace the STEAM2GO learning intervention
  • to act as a place for sharing ideas for new projects, sharing on-going projects as well as complete projects that have been done with the STEAM2GO mobile maker space
  • to act as a place for registering interest in replicating the model for STEAM2GO mobile maker space and receiving support by the other registered members and the representatives of the partnership.

The platform will be based in other innovative solutions that have been used in successful EU funded initiatives, creatively adapting the e-learning and collaboration mechanisms to the purposes of the STEAM2GO initiative. The STEAM2GO platform will also incorporate the mechanisms needed for running 3 webinars. These webinars will be video-recorded and will be available in the platform and post-project completion. The STEAM2GO digital platform targets apart from teachers all the relevant stakeholders, offering state-of-the-art resources, guides and e-learning tools to foster knowledge exchange. In overall, the platform would be the “place” where to store and where to distribute open access sources.